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Re: Debian Google Compute Engine kernel improvements, now and future

Hi again,

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 4:31 PM, Jimmy Kaplowitz <jkaplowitz@google.com> wrote:
> Short-term proposal: one of my colleagues is planning to upload a
> debian-7-wheezy-backports-vYYYYMMDD (date TBD) image to the
> debian-cloud project, which is built with build-debian-cloud but adds
> backports to sources.list.d, an apt preference for linux-image-* to
> pull from backports, and I think a minimally newer gsutil (Google
> Cloud Storage CLI) got in there too. We'll continue to build, test,
> and support images with the standard Debian kernel as well as
> backports-kernel images, allowing users/customers to easily choose
> whether they want more reliable security updates via stable or better
> reliability and performance via the backports kernel.

You may have seen Google Compute Engine's general
availability announcement four hours ago, together with
several other price drops and feature launches. (If not, check
http://googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com/ or your favorite blog,
magazine, or newspaper.)

As part of that, the backports-kernel-enabled Debian images got
launched, in parallel with the stable-kernel images. Minor
change: For boring technical reasons we went with the
naming pattern backports-debian-7-wheezy-vYYYYMMDD
instead of what I proposed in my previous
mail. https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/images#specifyanimage
summarizes the difference pretty well, glossing over a few Debian
release cycle details but giving a good high-level overview for the
general Google Compute Engine audience.

Next week I'm going to be relaxing on vacation instead of focusing
on Google-related work, but I hope to tie up more loose ends over
the upcoming months, including porting our build script to Python
and properly calling for volunteers on debian-cloud to help out with
Debian support on Google Compute Engine. (I'm not vanishing any time
soon, but it'd be great to involve non-Googler Debian folks, instead
of just me and my teammates. Google will cover the bill for this.)

- Jimmy

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