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Re: Debian wheezy 7.2 AMIs missing from AWS marketplace?

I have been working on the cloud-init plugin over the weekend (and hvm AMIs): https://github.com/andsens/build-debian-cloud/tree/python-WIP
I have not tested anything yet, but I am almost certain that there are problems with the current AMIs.
The generate-hostkeys, authorized_keys and expand-root scripts have not been disabled, meaning that there is duplicated functionality (I am pretty sure cloud-init does all those things).
I have created a cloud_init plugin that fixes those things, I haven't had the time to test anything yet though.

I removed admin_user plugin from the manifest file I use and depon only upon the backports plugin and the sed plugin (to configure the cloud.cfg file). As admin_user would create generate hostkeys, authorized_keys update and expand-root -  that should all only be done by cloud-init in the AMIs I built. My testing showed it worked, but the time taken for the host to be available was much greater with cloud-init dynamically creating the instance than the existing hard coded admin user and scripts we had....

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