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Re: AWS marketplace images and high-IO instances

Hello James,

James Bromberger <james <at> rcpt.to> writes:
>     We (Debian) currently have only generated official PVM
>     (paravirtualization) based AMIs on AWS, and have yet to make an
>     HVM
>     images - which is what the larger instance types require.

It appears that Amazon does in fact offer Paravirt.-based high-IO
instances, see this announcement for details:

So perhaps there is something else that is preventing the official AMIs
from being deployed. Is there a configuration setting in the marketplace
that sets a limit on what systems the images can be used with?

>     I love your point on signed AMI IDs. I'll post a signed message when
>     I generate them (my previous emails to this list have included IDs,
>     but haven't been signed)

Awesome. I'm also investigating whether it would be reasonable to link
to the marketplace or some other listing of "official" Debian presences
in the various cloud provider from the main debian.org site.


Luke Faraone

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