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debian-build-cloud and Vagrant

Hi Anders,
I have a provider for Vagrant that works fine, but following our previous discussion on VirtualBox and many tests, it appears that VirtualBox does not accept qemu-img converted vmdk files (vmdk headers issues).
Vagrant needs a vmdk disk to work.

To get a vmdk file accepted by virtualbox, we need to convert the raw image to vmdk with VBoxManager commands from VirtualBox. This means we need VirtualBox as dependency on Host (not image).
I could not find any converter doing correctly the job for virtualBox.

As I  said, it is in contrib. However, when generating Vagrant images, it would make sense that user will have VirtualBox to test the image etc...
Regarding packaging of the build-debian-cloud, we could put vagrant provider as a separate package in contrib itself.

PS: vagrant provider does not install Guest Additions (as in contrib), so vagrant image has a few restrictions (shared folders...)

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