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Re: New version of cloud-init & OpenStack cloud image

On 05/31/2013 08:08 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
I just had a quite long (mail) discussion with someone who replied to my
ITP for the openstack-debian-image package. I think it would make sense,
but not if build-debian-cloud stays the way it is right now. Let me
explain in more details.

I agree with a number of the details, but I still think there's value in coordinating our efforts in a single place. To illustrate where I'm going with this, I went ahead and published my changes on github:


WARNING: NOT READY YET.  (But patches welcome!)

I've added a "openstack" target to the existing "ec2" and "gce" targets; usage is otherwise exactly the same.

Most of the issues you have appear to be specific to the "ec2" target, and aren't in the "openstack" target. For example, I don't do the whole wget-from-Bugzilla-and-apply-patch thing, and I don't use euca2ools. (I don't use cloud-init, either, but I tend to agree that cloud-init is probably better, and adding cloud-init should be easy.) My images don't require any help from Amazon, and end up as regular qcow2 disk images.

Where I see benefit is in the things we do in common with ec2 and gce, outside the tasks/<imagetype> directories. Presumably, we all have the same issues with, say, running debootstrap properly, differences between squeeze and wheezy setup, and so on.

As mentioned, my changes don't work yet. (The bootloader isn't getting set up right at the moment.) That said, they don't work in pretty much the same way for squeeze and wheezy, and both can be hand-munged to get working using the same set of fixes. I would imagine jessie images will be the same way going forward as jessie diverges from wheezy. I imagine the simplicity of your current script will become less as these changes start happening, which is why I think it's good to control that complexity sooner rather than later.

Yeah, there is an issue with that. When I do, on the kernel command
line, something like: "console=tty console=ttyS0,115200", then only the
last one is taken into account. So, either "nova console-log" works, or
my spice console in Horizon. So I decided to ignore this problem for the
moment (as I lack time to investigate). If you have a solution, I'd be
very happy to use your fix.

Looking at Ubuntu, it seems they're able to multiplex kernel messages, but not other console messages. So I expect there's no good solution to this problem yet.

FYI, I have uploaded this as a package, which is currently waiting in
the FTP master NEW queue. The package is also stored in the Alioth Git,
at the below URL:
Vcs-Git: git://anonscm.debian.org/openstack/openstack-debian-images.git

It's nice to have it as a package, so that it can pull dependencies.

Definitely. ISTR there was talk of creating a package for build-debian-cloud, too; did that ever get anywhere?

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