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Re: Wheezy AMIs now in all regions

On 6/05/2013 8:37 PM, Alex Buloichik wrote:
Hi Ian !
I tried to find ami-fbfc9192 image in AWS/Community AMIs, but there is
no any AMI found.

I found only 4 AMIs for 379101102735:
ami-cecf5afe  379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-decf5aee  379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224
ami-e4058cd4  379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20121110
ami-f0058cc0  379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20121110
WBR, Alex.
Yep, I'm investigating why these aren't visible. If I don't have an answer by morning my time (around 10 hours) I'll regenerate again. Bear with me...

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