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Re: AWS Marketplace AMI on Second Generation Instances

On 18/04/2013 6:51 PM, Andrei Burd wrote:
Hi Everyone,
looks like there is an issue that AMI is not enabled to be used with Second Generation instances: m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge.
Hope this is just a matter of checkbox.

This is something I hope to have fixed with Wheezy's release (so we can use the same kernel/AMI with HVM and PVM virtualisation). I am going to generate new Wheezy images in the next 48 hours as a test before next weekends release; this will probably be in US-East-1 only (depending on time). I'll ping people here when the AMI is available; testing welcome.

  James (jeb@d.o, jameseb@amazon.com)
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