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Re: ec2debian-build-ami ready for wheezy

On 22/01/2013 6:17 AM, Anders Ingemann wrote:
Hey guys & girls,

after some time off I have finally had the time to take a look at my
bootstrapper for Amazon Machine Images again and I am glad to announce
that it is now compatible with wheezy.
I would welcome anybody who would like to test the bootstrapper itself
and also the images it generates.
I have tested the bootstrapping process on both wheezy and squeeze.
Maybe James could provide us with some public AMIs again?
When checking out the images please be on the look out for any
security issues, deviations from common practice, unnecessary
modifications to the base install etc.

You can clone the bootstrapper from

Done: thanks to Anders, and a little time around appointments in the last 24 hours, new squeeze images are in all Regions with i386 and amd64 version. The AMI is publicly shared on AWS, and the snapshot it uses is also marked as public if you want to inspect it.

Please note this is a pre-release of wheezy, and is TEMPORARY. Please do not deploy any AutoScale Groups (Launch Configurations) that use these AMIs, as they will be removed once Wheezy is stable. Any running instances at that time will continue to work as normal, but you wont be able to launch any more after that point in time (naturally you'd be using the stable Wheezy image by then, which will be listed in the AWS Marketplace in short order of a stable release).

You can find the AMI by searching Community AMIs for the string "379101102735/debian-wheezy". This image is running Kernel 3.2.

Happy testing!

(Thanks again to Anders)
Mobile: +61 422 166 708, Email: james_AT_rcpt.to

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