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Re: [review] waagent: Windows Azure Linux Agent (part4)

Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> writes:


> On Wed, 19 Dec 2012 16:01:06 +0100
> Arnaud Patard <apatard@hupstream.com> wrote:
>> imho, this page is containing old stuff. For instance, on kernels like
>> the one on wheezy, ata_piix is _already_ disabled on HyperV
>> automatically. Also, I don't see the point of creating a -virtual
>> flavour since generic kernels should just work (as long as all needed
>> patches are backported or already merged).
>  Probably yes, Ubuntu's -virtual flavor seems to be for appliance related
>  changes (guess UbuntuTV? since it has audio and video modules)
>  Arnaud, can I upload package to repository? Once put it then fix another
>  issue if it has.

You're welcome to upload the 1.2 version I have on my repository (this
one is adding the missing net-tools in the depends control line).

Thanks a lot,

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