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Re: [review] waagent: Windows Azure Linux Agent (part5 - ubuntu)

On Wed, 19 Dec 2012 16:10:30 +0100
Arnaud Patard <apatard@hupstream.com> wrote:
> sounds like a typo to me. The github project is walinuxagent for windows
> azure linux agent. I don't see what could be the extra 'a' (windows
> azure agent linux agent ?)

 Yeah, it's typo. Sorry.

> >  And interesting thing, it calls modprobe to add udf to blacklist.
> >
> > #Load the udf module
> >     modprobe -b udf
> sounds weird. Any idea why ?

 None. and however its VM seems to load udf module...


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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