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Re: [review] waagent: Windows Azure Linux Agent (part5 - ubuntu)

Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> writes:

> Hi,
>  I've installed ubuntu on azure, and checked waagent package source to
>  find something to add/improve debian package.
> * debian/control
>>Package: walinuxagent
>  Ubuntu specifies its package name as "waalinuxagent", should we name it
>  as same or not? However, Ubuntu package failed to make ensure smooth

sounds like a typo to me. The github project is walinuxagent for windows
azure linux agent. I don't see what could be the extra 'a' (windows
azure agent linux agent ?)

>  upgrade and adds walinuxagent-data-saver to fix, maybe different name 
>  is better.
> * debian/copyright
>> Files: waaagent
>> Copyright: 2012, Microsoft Corporation <walinuxagent@microsoft.com>
>>            2012, Ben Howard <ben.howard@canonical.com>
>> License: Apache-2.0
>  Well, which is correct - only Microsoft or with canonical?

iirc, there are changes in the ubuntu package for things like upstart so
I guess the packager added the Canonical line. Of course, this is pure
guess so I can be wrong.

> * debian/upstart,default,patches/000_use_package_upstart.patch
>  It has upstart job and disabled upstream upstart functions.
>  Maybe debian should include those for upstart.

afaik, there's a pull request for that on github, so it'll come for free
sooner or later.

>  And interesting thing, it calls modprobe to add udf to blacklist.
> #Load the udf module
>     modprobe -b udf

sounds weird. Any idea why ?


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