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Re: New Debian Clojure mailing list: debian-clojure@l.d.o

On 2021-06-25 09:10, Utkarsh Gupta wrote:

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 9:24 PM Louis-Philippe Véronneau
<pollo@debian.org> wrote:
As you point out, it was already the case for the old list. I think
(contrary to the Python Team) the level of mails was acceptable, but
that's a very personal thing.

Whilst the number of packages we have in the team is low atm, it
doesn't mean they won't (or can't) increase with time? :)

The traffic was low enough such that I didn't have any issue with volume. For similar reasons I'm not subscribed to the Java or Python team mailing lists, but I genuinely care every time someone uploads a Clojure package.

> I'd rather prefer having a Clojure team on tracker.d.o and using
> team+clojure@tracker.debian.org as the Python team does. Or
> alternatively, not have a new re-direction and use the older Clojure
> list for that purpose. But that's just a suggestion.

I don't feel there's any downsides of using
team+clojure@tracker.debian.org as a maintainer contact. If people want
to subscribe to it they can, and it does make the main list "cleaner".

Lovely, we have an agreement here! \o/
Let's go for this one unless somebody objects?

+1 to this for ease of filtering if nothing else, how does the mail subscription work? I've not seen a tracker.d.o email before.

- e

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