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Re: make[1]: dh_makeclilibs: Command not found


On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Iain Lane <laney@debian.org> wrote:
> Also, you should look at providing libgdcm*-cil-dev packages which ship
> the .pc files. This will be in the upcoming CLI policy 0.8.
> Finally, please verify that gdcm builds with mono-devel 2.10.5 and
> cli-common-dev 0.8~ from experimental, as those will be going to
> unstable soon and have some different behaviour. Especially
> cli-common-dev is now more strict about buggy dllmaps.

gdcm C# bindings are generated using cmake+swig. I am not using
autotools. The import file is a *.cmake file.

I'll try the experimental package.


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