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Re: Cinnamon 4.8

Il 25/12/2020 15:42, Fabio Fantoni ha scritto:
> Now seems there is no other blocking things for full testing migration
> (that should happen tomorrow).
> I retested a Sid clean install and is ok, now install also
> gnome-terminal as default.
> There are some other things missed in cinnamon-desktop-environment that
> I thing is good to have to improve desktop users experience:
> - add/switch language from gui (and install its packages if not already
> installed), was removed from cinnamon control center long time ago and
> moved to mintlocale, some distro added it but don't seems very good add
> it (depends also from mintcommon for policy and packages install).
> Ubuntu have language-selector and add language-selector-gnome in
> cinnamon-desktop-environment recommends for ubuntu can be a solution but
> on debian I not found something similar :( Someone know something other
> better?
> - software center (for install software simply from gui): gnome-software
> seem a good option for add it in cinnamon-desktop-environment
> recommends, don't have too many packages as deps/rec., have also
> firmware upgrade as rec., optional plugins for snap (in ubuntu as rec.
> instead) and flatpak. What do you think?
Another things:

- a simple backup software is missed and I think is good add one as
recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment; deja-dup can be ok or is
there something better? (for example I use it for major of users as
simpler also for configure, on my pcs I use instead backintime)

- seahorse (for store password and key from gui) can be ok add it as
recommends in cinnamon-desktop-environment?

- as remote desktop client now there is vinagre (as recommends in
cinnamon-desktop-environment), remmina is better and I would like to put
it as default instead of vinagre (which I would leave as an
alternative), there are objections or I can do?

- some time ago there was also a propose to put atril as default instead
evince, as mentioned I don't know if it is a good choice (from some
tests and research, atril have simpler gui interface while as support
and features is better evince), what do you think about?

thanks for any reply

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