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Bug#918917: Please add Firefox to the favorites

Il 22/11/2020 16:36, Paul van der Vlis ha scritto:
> On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 20:06:30 +0200 Fabio Fantoni
> <fantonifabio@tiscali.it> wrote:
>> Il 10/01/2019 15:34, Paul van der Vlis ha scritto:
>> > Package: cinnamon
>> > Version: 3.8.8-1
>> > Severity: wishlist
>> >
>> > Please add Firefox to the favorites in the menu.
>> Hi, was already done in cinnamon 3.0 and is still present:
>> https://salsa.debian.org/cinnamon-team/cinnamon/blob/master/debian/cinnamon.gsettings-override
>> it wasn't as expected? you have installed cinnamon 3.8 or version <3.0
>> and upgraded until 3.8 (dist-upgrade debian from previous version or
>> using debian testing/sid)?
> I sell Debian on pre-installed laptops, so I install Debian stable
> very often. And my default is Cinnamon.
> And really, there is no Firefox in the favorites, so there is
> something wrong. Maybe the problem is that it's "firefox-esr" and not
> "firefox" ?

Is correct, it set firefox.desktop, firefox-esr have firefox-esr.desktop

@Norbert @Maxy: what do you think is the better do? I think would be
good have default favorite working in both debian stable/testing (with
only firefox-esr) and ubuntu and derivates (with only firefox)
> What I also would like is a nice terminal. Normally the Cinnamon-task
> does only install xterm what's really not nice, so I install
> xfce-terminal using a script. But even that is a pain, because I need
> Xterm to do that. I cannot scroll back to see errors, the font is too
> small, etc.

cinnamon-desktop-environment actually have gnome-terminal as default and
x-terminal-emulator as alternative (that include xfce4-terminal)

you can install any of the 22 terminal that provide xfce4-terminal (and
remove gnome-terminal if already instealled) without broke/remove
cinnamon-desktop-environment metapackage if you want

the thing that install xterm as default and not gnome-terminal (as you
wrote) is strange to me

> I would like to come in contact with the person who makes the defaults
> for Cinnamon.
> With regards,
> Paul van der Vlis

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