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Bug#918917: Please add Firefox to the favorites

On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 20:06:30 +0200 Fabio Fantoni <fantonifabio@tiscali.it> wrote:
Il 10/01/2019 15:34, Paul van der Vlis ha scritto:
> Package: cinnamon
> Version: 3.8.8-1
> Severity: wishlist
> Please add Firefox to the favorites in the menu.

Hi, was already done in cinnamon 3.0 and is still present:


it wasn't as expected? you have installed cinnamon 3.8 or version <3.0
and upgraded until 3.8 (dist-upgrade debian from previous version or
using debian testing/sid)?

I sell Debian on pre-installed laptops, so I install Debian stable very often. And my default is Cinnamon.

And really, there is no Firefox in the favorites, so there is something wrong. Maybe the problem is that it's "firefox-esr" and not "firefox" ?

What I also would like is a nice terminal. Normally the Cinnamon-task does only install xterm what's really not nice, so I install xfce-terminal using a script. But even that is a pain, because I need Xterm to do that. I cannot scroll back to see errors, the font is too small, etc.

I would like to come in contact with the person who makes the defaults for Cinnamon.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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