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Bug#893658: [pkg-cinnamon] Bug#893658: cinnamon: recommend smart-notifier

Il 28/03/2018 17:51, Christoph Anton Mitterer ha scritto:

I've just noted that gnome-disk-utility, which cinnamon now recommends
somewhere, claims (in it's README):
gnome-disk-utility notification plugin for GNOME Settings Daemon
Disk health failure notification (SMART status)
Not sure if it really does that,... and I'd say smartd is way more
powerful + handling low-level block device stuff is not really an areay
where I'd consider GNOME to be highly qualified...

Nevertheless,... you may consider it as a fix for this bug.
smartmontools anyway suggest smart-notifier so everyone should be

However, I personally would feel better if the gsd-disk-utility package
could be split up so that there's a package which does only the SMART
notifying... it seems a bit scary, that the gnome-disks utility shows a
GUI which seemingly allows to format partitions, edit fstab options and
the like.


I added gnome-disk-utility half year ago (in git) mainly for do operation on disk, see informations about ecc...

About notification of disk failures I'll do some tests with broken hard disk to see how smart-notifier works but probably not in few days, if it works very well and without problems too I also think it could be very useful and I will ask maxy if possible to add it.

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