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Bug#893658: [pkg-cinnamon] Bug#893658: cinnamon: recommend smart-notifier


I've just noted that gnome-disk-utility, which cinnamon now recommends
somewhere, claims (in it's README):
>gnome-disk-utility notification plugin for GNOME Settings Daemon
>Disk health failure notification (SMART status)

Not sure if it really does that,... and I'd say smartd is way more
powerful + handling low-level block device stuff is not really an areay
where I'd consider GNOME to be highly qualified...

Nevertheless,... you may consider it as a fix for this bug.
smartmontools anyway suggest smart-notifier so everyone should be

However, I personally would feel better if the gsd-disk-utility package
could be split up so that there's a package which does only the SMART
notifying... it seems a bit scary, that the gnome-disks utility shows a
GUI which seemingly allows to format partitions, edit fstab options and
the like.


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