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Re: [BOARD #5526] Re: [TREASURER #5526] Re: managing Huawei accounts

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> writes:

    Paul> I fear my legal language is just not good enough. What are you
    Paul> afraid of? And are you already afraid of that in the current
    Paul> situation where we are already using the Huawei provided
    Paul> workers or only if we went ahead and we have the credits
    Paul> assigned to a Debian TO?

I think one of the worst cases would be that the US government argues
that Debian has a nexus in the US either through SPI or because the US
government views Debian as a general partnership with US partners.
Then the US government might be upset if Debian engaged in a contractual
relationship with Huawei.

I think there is some risk with today's situation.
I have no expertise in this area of law at all, but agree with Ross that
it's worth seeking legal advice  to understand the impact on US and
European members before going forward even if we find a way to go

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