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Re: [BOARD #5526] Re: [TREASURER #5526] Re: managing Huawei accounts


On 25-04-2022 19:27, Ross Vandegrift via RT wrote:
On Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 08:52:25AM -0400, Jonathan Carter via RT wrote:
On 2022/04/24 19:53, Bastian Blank via RT wrote:
It turns out, SPI can't help here.  Huawei Cloud is on the US sanctions

So, time to forward the request to Debian Switzerland instead then?

I'd appreciate it if the project got some legal advice on if and how
this would affect US-based members.  I'm concerned that we'd bear
liability as a result of others doing this (including foreign members or

I fear my legal language is just not good enough. What are you afraid of? And are you already afraid of that in the current situation where we are already using the Huawei provided workers or only if we went ahead and we have the credits assigned to a Debian TO?


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