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Re: managing Huawei accounts

On 2022/03/29 19:48, Paul Gevers wrote:
On 17-02-2022 12:58, Paul Gevers wrote:
For ci.debian.net we have several hosts at Huawei sponsored by them. We (Aron, who arranged the sponsorship and manages the account and the debian-ci team) would like to manage the resources in an account associated with Debian. I brought the subject up in the past (see some of the tread below) with the cloud team, and they deferred to you for the handling of the creation of an account. As I understand it, the account for AWS is "owned" by SPI. I guess we should do the same for the Huawei account. Can you help us forward? Huawei is now ready to transfer the credits to another account.


Sorry for the delay, I'm a few dozen emails behind so I just included SPI on your original request, Martin should be able to figure it out and I'll approve it if they require any further approval.


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