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Re: Bug#986628: unblock: r-cran-rcdklibs/2.3+dfsg-6

Hi Andreas,

On 15-04-2021 21:13, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 06:32:40PM +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
>>> We are working on it makeing them non-superficial.  Its the case for
>>> r-bioc-* currently[1] and the plan is to do this for all R packages.
>> Aha, so non r-bioc-* packages are superficial at this moment.
> Not really.

Sorry, then I misunderstood.

>>> However, this is for the next release.  Marking those packages
>>> superficial that do not come with a proper test can be done as well,
>>> but not in the current freeze period.
>> I'll think about what this means for the Release Team. Normally when I
>> learn of packages that try to migrate to testing with superficial tests
>> not marked as such I would add a manual block. Maybe I'll see if I can
>> generate such a list for all autopkgtest-pkg-r using packages (without
>> bioc in the name).
> No.  The majority of packages r-cran-* packages has "real" tests that
> are manually crafted in addition to autopkgtest-pkg-r.

Great. Loving it.

>> Thanks for letting us know. And yes, please fix this. While typing this,
>> I have one suggestion, we should make autopkgtest-pkg-r skippable and
>> pkg-r-autopkgtest should exit 77 if there's no hook nor any tests to run
>> (and without bioc currently). The overall result of skipped tests is
>> equal to successful tests marked as superficial. I believe we
>> can/could/should very well do that now in the freeze, after we fix
>> autodep8. What do you think?
> I think that's OK since as I said most of the packages have manual
> tests.  So skipping pkg-r-autopkgtest will not really influence the 
> tests of the packages in practice.

Because you use the word "skipping" here, I think you misunderstood my
intentions. What I mean is that pkg-r-autopkgtest is run, but if it
determines that it hasn't done any substantial testing, it can exit with
exit code 77 which, with the skippable restriction, will result in a
NEUTRAL autopkgtest result which is exactly the same as a successful
superficial test.


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