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Re: Bug#986628: unblock: r-cran-rcdklibs/2.3+dfsg-6

Hi Andreas,

On 09-04-2021 10:50, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 08, 2021 at 10:02:02PM +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> On 08-04-2021 21:52, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>> Ahhh, I assumed that basic autopkgtest-pkg-r is consider superficial.
>> That's an interesting point. Should they (they're not)? Maybe with R
>> packages autopkgtest-pkg-r may or may not be very extensive? If that's
>> true, than it's currently basically up to individual packages to mark
>> themselves superficial when using autopkgtest-pkg-r.
> We are working on it makeing them non-superficial.  Its the case for
> r-bioc-* currently[1] and the plan is to do this for all R packages.

Aha, so non r-bioc-* packages are superficial at this moment.

> However, this is for the next release.  Marking those packages
> superficial that do not come with a proper test can be done as well,
> but not in the current freeze period.

I'll think about what this means for the Release Team. Normally when I
learn of packages that try to migrate to testing with superficial tests
not marked as such I would add a manual block. Maybe I'll see if I can
generate such a list for all autopkgtest-pkg-r using packages (without
bioc in the name).

Thanks for letting us know. And yes, please fix this. While typing this,
I have one suggestion, we should make autopkgtest-pkg-r skippable and
pkg-r-autopkgtest should exit 77 if there's no hook nor any tests to run
(and without bioc currently). The overall result of skipped tests is
equal to successful tests marked as superficial. I believe we
can/could/should very well do that now in the freeze, after we fix
autodep8. What do you think?


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