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Re: Tests failing in many chroots but passing in some others

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick answer!

Le 22/09/2020 à 22:11, Paul Gevers a écrit :
> Hi Pierre,
> On 22-09-2020 21:45, Pierre Gruet wrote:
>> Dear Debian CI project members,
>> In Debian-med we have the package libsis-jhdf5-java. I can build it
>> inside or outside a chroot on my computer with no error concerning
>> build-time tests, which are also run by autopkgtest -- also fine.
>> Two other members of the team have run the same tests in their chroots
>> and got 8 failing tests, which is also the case of ci.debian.net [0].
>> I would like to know if there have already been such problems with tests
>> failing in some chroots and passing in others; if so, would you have
>> examples or pointers to provide us with?
> What version of Debian is the host running? ci.d.n runs on stable with
> some autopkgtest related packages from unstable.

I am running Testing and performing the autopkgtest in a Sid chroot.
This is also the case of at least one of the other team members who yet
had failing tests.

> What's the test doing? ci.d.n runs not in chroots, but in lxc's. It's
> possible to hit issues there. Typically this requires isolation
> restrictions, i.e. isolation-machine. (not saying that the isolation is
> needed here, but ...)

Thanks for this precision concerning lxc.
The failing tests are basically just opening and closing files, counting
open files... I think this is not an issue here.

>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Pierre Gruet
>> [Please CC-me, I have not subscribed to the list]
>> [0]
>> https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/unstable/amd64/libs/libsis-jhdf5-java/6188493/log.gz
> Paul

Thanks a lot again,

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