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Re: Tests failing in many chroots but passing in some others

Hi Pierre,

On 22-09-2020 21:45, Pierre Gruet wrote:
> Dear Debian CI project members,
> In Debian-med we have the package libsis-jhdf5-java. I can build it
> inside or outside a chroot on my computer with no error concerning
> build-time tests, which are also run by autopkgtest -- also fine.
> Two other members of the team have run the same tests in their chroots
> and got 8 failing tests, which is also the case of ci.debian.net [0].
> I would like to know if there have already been such problems with tests
> failing in some chroots and passing in others; if so, would you have
> examples or pointers to provide us with?

What version of Debian is the host running? ci.d.n runs on stable with
some autopkgtest related packages from unstable.

What's the test doing? ci.d.n runs not in chroots, but in lxc's. It's
possible to hit issues there. Typically this requires isolation
restrictions, i.e. isolation-machine. (not saying that the isolation is
needed here, but ...)

> Many thanks in advance,
> Pierre Gruet
> [Please CC-me, I have not subscribed to the list]
> [0]
> https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/unstable/amd64/libs/libsis-jhdf5-java/6188493/log.gz


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