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Re: Bug#949658: Different tests for r-cran-recipes - "wrong" test prevents migration of r-cran-testthat Bug#951078: simage: autopkgtest regression: output to stderr Bug#951165: mmseqs2: autopkgtest regression: ./test_alignment: No such file or directory Bug#951167: node-delayed-stream: autopkgtest failure: killed Bug#951168: node-tmp: autopkgtest regression on arm64: issue121 - clean up on terminating signals Bug#951169: django-sekizai: autopkgtest regression: '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory Bug#951222: scikit-learn breaks python-skbio autopkgtest: skbio.stats.distance._permdisp.permdisp Bug#951224: securefs: autopkgtest regression: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Bug#951225: schleuder: autopkgtest regression: Could not find 'sqlite3' (~> 1.4) - did find: [sqlite3-1.3.13] Bug#951248: origami-pdf: autopkgtest failure: output to stderr: warning: constant ::Bignum is deprecated Bug#951249: panicparse: FTBFS on arch:all Bug#951265: ruby-vips: autopkgtest fails on arm64: expected Vips::Error but nothing was raised Bug#951611: python-django-modelcluster: autopkgtest failure: No module named 'django_modelcluster' Bug#952463: bagel: flaky arm64 autopkgtest: terminate called without an active exception Bug#952464: clazy: flaky arm64 autopkgtest: unable to execute command: Segmentation fault How to test all r-bioc-* packages against experimental pkg-r-autopkgtest ? Migration test for glib2.0 unexpectedly using dbusada/unstable source code The last update was on 20:00 GMT Fri Feb 28. There are 24 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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