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How to test all r-bioc-* packages against experimental pkg-r-autopkgtest ?


Currently, the situation of CI for R packages is not optimal.
Almost all our R packages have individual scripts in d/tests/ to perform CI.
In the best cases, there is only the name of the package that change
between these files.
In the worst cases, the tests are wrongly implemented and required a
lot of manual work to fix them.

In order to simplify the process and the maintenance, I try to
factorize all of this and move the code for testing R packages into
the package pkg-r-autopkgtest (src: dh-r) [1].
I have uploaded this change into experimental to see which
bioconductor packages (r-bioc-*) it will break (not activated for
r-cran-* packages for now, only to test).
I had the hope to see broken packages here [2], but it seems none
tests was done.

Did I miss something? Should I do something manually?

Thanks for your help.


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/r-pkg-team/dh-r/commits/pkg-r-autopkgtest
[2] https://release.debian.org/britney/pseudo-excuses-experimental.html#dh-r

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