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Re: Rebasing Ghostscript to 9.25 for stretch-security and add further security patches (running autopkgtests where available?)

Hi Salvatore,

[Added the CI-team list instead of the private e-mail of Antonio]

On 02-11-18 22:57, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> I would be interested to see if we can get help as well (who?) to get
> all build-rdeps of ghostscripts rechecked, and are possibly as well
> some autopkgtests possible? Who can be contacted to do those tests?
> I do not have the infrastructure available to do those tests.

I assume you mean bandwidth and CPU power as installing debci should be
enough to "have the infrastructure". Debian does have AWS credits (that
is what we are using to run ci.d.n) so one could create a instance just
for testing this.

> I'm Cc'ing Paul and Antonio in the hope they can help doing such a
> (even if handcrafted) test for the updated ghostscript packages for
> stretch specifically.

We can help a bit. I plan to add stretch to the supported suites on
ci.d.n soon, because I want to test p-u. However, we can (or better, I
want) only test what's in official Debian archives. If you can think of
a proper archive where you could upload the package you want to test,
I'll try to make time to test it on ci.d.n (but I am keeping an eye on
the perl transition at the moment).


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