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Re: Bug#904776: /usr/bin/dpkg-source: please parse d/t/control.autodep8 like d/t/control

Dear Guillem,

On 30-07-18 05:42, Guillem Jover wrote:
>> It would be great if dpkg-source would also parse debian/tests/control.autodep8
>> in the same way as it does debian/tests/control, except I guess it should not
>> set the Testsuite field (as dpkg-source doesn't know which type of autopkgtest
>> this is).
> Hmm, why did we get this new file at all?

It's more than two years old. It was added in response to bug 823931.

> Why can't we use
> debian/tests/control instead? The Testsuite field would be used to
> specify that we still want autodep8 to be run, no?

Looking at the bug, I can only assume it just wasn't considered to
change autopkgtest, e.g. IIAC the maintainer of autodep8 wasn't a
developer of autopkgtest at the time.

Also, the current implementation works without the spec needing to
mention the debian/control file. autopkgtest (the binary that is _an_
implementation of the spec) only calls autodep8 when it doesn't find the
control file as a fall back. autopkgtest doesn't know why it is called,
it doesn't know about the Testsuite field, nor does anything in the CI
framework except for the one that requests the test.

If we would want to add support for this adding autodep8 on top of an
existing debian/tests/control file, apart from adapting autopkgtest with
a new option, also multiple interface would need to be adapted to pass
on this info:
britney <-> debci <-> autopkgtest


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