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Re: Uploading new version of autodep8 to unstable

The packages that use the Octave support of autodep8 are starting to fail on ci.d.n. This will become epidemic. Please, react to my message below.



* Rafael Laboissière <rafael@debian.org> [2018-07-10 13:21]:


I pushed the commit e8a55fa to the Git repository of autodep8. This versions introduces changes in support/octave/generate that should fix Bug#903408 and Bug#903409. These bugs were caused by a change done in version 0.5.4 of the dh-octave-autpkgtest. The necessary changes were made in this latter package. Notice that I added a versioned dependency to dh-octave-autpkgtest (>= 0.5.5) in support/octave/generate. I hope that this is the right way to do it in autodep8.

If there are no objections, I will upload a new version of autodep8 to unstable. I guess that the new version number should be 0.13, instead 0.12.1, shouldn't it?



P.S.: I guess that Standards-Version can be bumped to 4.1.5 without problem. I will do it if there are no objections.

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