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Uploading new version of autodep8 to unstable


I pushed the commit e8a55fa to the Git repository of autodep8. This versions introduces changes in support/octave/generate that should fix Bug#903408 and Bug#903409. These bugs were caused by a change done in version 0.5.4 of the dh-octave-autpkgtest. The necessary changes were made in this latter package. Notice that I added a versioned dependency to dh-octave-autpkgtest (>= 0.5.5) in support/octave/generate. I hope that this is the right way to do it in autodep8.

If there are no objections, I will upload a new version of autodep8 to unstable. I guess that the new version number should be 0.13, instead 0.12.1, shouldn't it?



P.S.: I guess that Standards-Version can be bumped to 4.1.5 without problem. I will do it if there are no objections.

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