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Bug#896023: Bug#901897 closed by Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> (Bug#901897: fixed in git 1:2.18.0~rc2-2)

Hi Ian,

On 22-06-18 15:02, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Paul Gevers writes ("Re: Bug#901897 closed by Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> (Bug#901897: fixed in git 1:2.18.0~rc2-2)"):
>> On 22-06-18 12:45, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> But that is appropriate, because the new git Breaks earlier versions
>>> of dgit.  AIUI britney will therefore not migrate the new git until
>>> the new dgit is migrated, which is correct.
>> Ack. That is why I allow myself to intervene in such a situation.
> If you had done nothing, I guess after dgit was migrated, git would
> get a retest and then things would pass ?  So there would be a small
> delay to the git migration.

Because of the inherited Urgency: high, autopkgtest results are
irrelevant for git migration.

>> This is very much not dgit specific. Today I had to do that for about 5
>> packages (coincidence, last two months I have done it about 15-20 times
>> or so). Autopkgtest doesn't detect that the installed version of the
>> package that it is testing is not the one that it was asked to test. It
>> must, and then start over again in some form with the test suite from
>> the right version.
> This sounds quite annoying.  I think the right fix is for britney to
> tell ci.d.n a set of packages which might migrate.  ISTR discussing
> that on debian-ci recently.

Good point. Let me consider that during prioritization of my next actions.

> I don't know exactly what autopkgtest command line rune you are using
> but certainly it was designed to be able to run the test suite of one
> version against a different version.

I manually just told autopkgtest to take two packages from unstable
instead of one. So you are saying that the current behavior is designed
behavior. Thinking about it I can see why you say that, but it is
annoying in the Debian and Ubuntu infrastructure while I see no benefit
from it for them. Maybe this should be optional then and be turned on
for Debian and Ubuntu?


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