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Re: autopkgtest needs-recommends

Hi all,

On 13-06-18 19:46, Niko Tyni wrote:
> Couldn't you install the test dependencies just like now, then look at
> the installed package(s) that '@' brought in and explicitly install its
> recommendations in a separate apt run?
> This only works for those needs-recommends tests that have '@' in their
> dependencies, but I'd expect that to be the vast majority of cases.
> It's certainly the case for the autopkgtest-pkg-perl ones.

This is a variation of the 3.b./4.b. solution in my summary e-mail
(copied below). I like the idea of limiting it even further than "all
test dependencies". If we limit the scope of packages, I don't think it
should be limited to '@' (albeit it being easier and less hackish to do
just that, because expansion of '@' is already available after we merge
your MR), but to all binary packages from the same source as the test. I
forgot to mention in my summary e-mail that this would also solve issue
5, but I hope that was trivial to conclude.


======== copy from summary mail =======

3.b. & 4.b. autopkgtest could install the recommends of the installed
test dependencies (so after installing the listed test dependencies).

- probably more in line with the intentions of the restriction
- similar to 5.b. below
- more (hackish) code

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