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Re: autopkgtest needs-recommends [Was Re: autopkgtest: versioned triggers and fixing "Test dependencies are unsatisfiable with using apt pinning"]

Hi Antonio,

On 12-06-18 20:15, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> I am probably missing something,

Everybody is asking that question, so it seems I can't explain it well
enough (I did my best in the previous e-mail).

> but why not just injecting the packages
> in Recommends: in the test dependencies when the test specifies
> needs-recommends?
> i.e. for the following package:
> Package: foo
> Depends: bar
> Recommends: qux

Now assume you have
Package: foo (@ version 1)
Depends: bar
Recommends: qux

Package: foo (@ version 2)
Depends: bar
Recommends: qwa

Package: qwa
Conflicts: qux

> these test definitions should be equivalent:
> Test: test-foo
> Restrictions: needs-recommends
> Test: test-foo
> Depends: @, qux

And you are testing not foo, but baz (pin blo from unstable) which has
Test: test-baz
Depends: @, foo
Restrictions: needs-recommends

You tell me how to determine from which package I need to find my
Recommends and at which version. (Yes, you are missing information right
now to determine if this is possible at all or not).


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