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Re: Gitlab continuous integration

Agustin Henze:
> Hi Paul,
> On 06/06/18 15:33, Paul Gevers wrote:
> [...]
>> I personally think this is quite a good idea. This is CI and its main
>> consumer is Debian. The extra e-mail/IRC notifications may be sometimes
>> annoying, but I'll manage. As long as you don't expect current debian-ci
>> people to take over your work ;) I'll be concentrating on other areas.
> Mmm ok, but what do you think about what antonio said? We don't share any task
> right now and I don't see in the near future we will share any. For me would be
> easier not having this discussion and ask for admin permission of the current
> gitlab group to be able to create the two or three projects we need to create,
> but... I'd like to see everyone agree with this to avoid having an unclear goal
> as a team in the future.

Right now, I agree there isn't really much overlap.  But I think its
important that the gitlab-ci support on salsa is fully integrated with
autopkgtest and ci.debian.net.  The salsa gitlab-ci should not become a
separate thing.  I see the gitlab-ci work as a way to allow people to
run ci.debian.net things on salsa forks.  Therefore, I'd really like to
see this stuff as part of the ci-team.

>> You are aware we also have an IRC channel: #debci.
> Thanks, I wasn't aware of that irc channel.

I just joined, I'm _hc there.


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