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Re: Gitlab continuous integration

Hi Paul,

On 06/06/18 15:33, Paul Gevers wrote:
> I personally think this is quite a good idea. This is CI and its main
> consumer is Debian. The extra e-mail/IRC notifications may be sometimes
> annoying, but I'll manage. As long as you don't expect current debian-ci
> people to take over your work ;) I'll be concentrating on other areas.

Mmm ok, but what do you think about what antonio said? We don't share any task
right now and I don't see in the near future we will share any. For me would be
easier not having this discussion and ask for admin permission of the current
gitlab group to be able to create the two or three projects we need to create,
but... I'd like to see everyone agree with this to avoid having an unclear goal
as a team in the future.

> You are aware we also have an IRC channel: #debci.

Thanks, I wasn't aware of that irc channel.


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