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Re: Changing the value of Maintainer field


On Tue, 15 May 2018, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > How are you filtering the messages sent to the debian-ci@lists.debian.org 
> > mailing list right now?  How would it differ if you were going to filter 
> > messages sent to team+ci@tracker.debian.org.
> Each newsgroup has an email address, which is subscribed to the
> mailing list.

You can have multiple emails associated to your tracker account and you
can subscribe to the ci tracker team with your newsgroup address.

> The result of this change AIUI is that messages which would
> previously have been sent to the list, now miss out on all that
> processing.

Yes, that was the goal. You declutter the list to only contain the
relevant discussions and you don't store a copy of the BTS in your
mailing since the BTS has its own archive already.

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