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Re: Changing the value of Maintainer field

Rafael Laboissière writes ("Re: Changing the value of Maintainer field"):
> After the next upload to unstable, packages autodep8 and autopkgtest will 
> have the Maintainer set to team+ci@tracker.debian.org.  People interested 
> in receiving messages sent to that address should set their subscription 
> preferences at https://tracker.debian.org/accounts/subscriptions/.

I have to say that I find this inconvenient.  (If I understand how
this is going to work now.)

I read the lists for a lot of packages I am interested in, but do not
maintain.  I gateway these lists to public newsgroups on my server,
where other chiark users can read them too.

As I understand it, now, after this change,

 * I will have to subscribe manually using my tracker account

 * If I want to filter the emails back to the newsgroup, I will
   have to write some custom filter configuration (which risks
   exposing my tracker password)

 * I will have to do this for each team or mailing list which was
   previously simply a mailing list and choses to use this new

I think it would be better to have the automatic emails sent to the
list, and expect list subscribers who do not want to receive them to
filter them out.  I think most list subscribers will want to receive
these emails in one place.

Also, doing that means that replying to the automated emails will
reply to the list, which is usually correct.

Please do feel free to explain if I have misunderstood.


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