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Re: Changing the value of Maintainer field

* Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> [2018-05-14 14:06]:

On 14-05-18 08:17, Rafael Laboissière wrote:

What is the preferred way of doing changes in the Salsa.d.o repositories? Can I push directly my commits or should I go through merge requests?

Stuff that is trivial can be pushed directly. Stuff that could do with some review can go through merge requests.

Changing the value of the Maintainer field may perhaps not be classified as "trivial", but since it has been discussed here, I went ahead and made the changes.

After the next upload to unstable, packages autodep8 and autopkgtest will have the Maintainer set to team+ci@tracker.debian.org. People interested in receiving messages sent to that address should set their subscription preferences at https://tracker.debian.org/accounts/subscriptions/.

We had a (unfortunately unarchived) discussion out the preferred way of working. I thought you were already reading this list at the time. We haven't reach full consensus yet.

Yes, I followed that discussion but did not participate to it. Once full consensus is reached, one might archive the guidelines at https://ci.debian.net/doc/. BTW, the mailing list address is still indicated as autopkgtest-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org in that page.



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