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Re: autopkgtest results influencing migration from unstable to testing

Hello Paul,

Paul Gevers [2018-05-02 23:09 +0200]:
> tl;dr: migration from unstable to testing is influenced by the results
> of autopkgtest tests of your own package as well as those of your
> reverse dependencies.

Many, many, many¹⁰ thanks for working on this and landing it at last! It's so
great to see reverse dependency CI landing in Debian at last.

> It is the intention that in the (far) future regressions will become
> blocking for migration, but until then the added age will probably be
> raised over time as a semi-block.

Hopefully not that "far" out :) Once the thing stabilizes, I suppose it would
be better to not land known regressions automatically, but rather land them
through overrides. Maybe even discussing how maintainers themselves can do that
for their own packages, to "reset a previous PASS".

Great work!


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