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Re: ITM: Britney - autopkgtest integration plus create a hint file for elbrus


On 29-04-18 13:40, Niels Thykier wrote:
> The branches have been merged and deployed now (with bounty/penalty set
> to 0).  The first few britney runs appears to have run successfully and
> the excuses are now mentioning autopkgtests.

I am processing data more than daily. All looks good (haven't checked
the britney logs though, but that looked OK when I was still running my
parallel britney run).

> @Paul: I have setup hint-permissions for you.  Please log into
> respighi.d.o and run:
>   touch ~release/britney/hints/elbrus

That didn't work, but pochu created a softlink to my existing hint file
and it is taken into account, thanks.

> Whenever you are ready, we can send out the [announcement] and change
> bounty+penalty.

> [announcement]:
> https://gobby.debian.org/export/Teams/Release/using-autopkgtest

I am ready, please send out the announcement. Feel free to put the
bounty/penalty in place whenever you feel like it. After the
announcement I'll write to d-d@l.d.o with some hints for maintainers how
to retrigger stuff and how to reset the baseline.


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