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Migrating to salsa

Hi Rafael,

On 13-03-18 08:12, Rafael Laboissi?re wrote:
> * Rafael Laboissi?re <rafael at debian.org> [2018-03-04 09:57]:
>> 1) Ask the admins at lists.d.o to create a new mailing list for
>> discussions around CI.? The archives and the list of subscribers of
>> autopkgtest-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org should be migrated into this
>> new mailing list.? Could you take care of this, please?

Just so everybody knows, has (mid-term) continuation for this list been
requested when the request from the alioth lists migration team passed
by the owners? I have more lists to request, so I'll file them together

>> 2) Create a group at the Debian PTS.? I can take care of this.? Which
>> name would be appropriate? "debian-ci", "ci-team" or simply "ci"?

My preference, the same as on salsa, so ci-team.

>> 3) Change the value of the the Maintainer field in debian/control for
>> the three Debian packages (autodep8, autopkgtest, and debci) according
>> to the name chosen in step 2.

In my opinion, this should only be done after the tracker actually does
something with e-mails send to that address instead of putting them in

>> 4) Change the Vcs-* fields in the debian/control files to the Salsa
>> ones.? Note that I already filed a merge request for AliothWriter:
>> https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/AliothRewriter/merge_requests/217

Not urgent after the AliothWriter is/was merged, but sure.

>> 5) Set the tagpending webhook for the Debian three packages on Salsa.
>> This is easy to do and I could do it.? Should I?

No idea/opinion. What is this exactly?

>>> Furthermore, we might activate the "Emails on push" integration
>>>> service for the repositories in Salsa.? Again, the PTS can be handy
>>>> here, because we can use the addresses
>>>> dispatch+${pkg}_vcs at tracker.debian.org.? Users interested in
>>>> receiving commit notifications can subscribe to the "vcs" keyword at
>>>> the PTS.
>>> I'm not so sure about this one. you can already watch individual
>>> repositories on salsa em be notified about all activity on them, so I
>>> don't see the point.
>> Are pushes notified when watching Salsa repositories?? I thought that
>> the only way to do it was by using the "Emails on push" integration
>> service.? How do you do it otherwise?

I would say that if you are interested in having this, go ahead. As long
as one can be subscribed to the list without getting these messages, I
am fine.


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