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Recommendations on test data

Hey Guido,

Guido G?nther [2015-11-26 12:27 +0100]:
> sometimes it's useful to be able to fetch resources via e.g. http from
> the network (e.g. prebuilt vm images for testing libvirt). Are there any
> recommendations on how to do this? Often one might rather want the
> opposite - restrict network access (as detailed in e.g. 801895) but I
> wonder if there's a need for a "needs-network" restrictions and maybe
> even a way how to specify the URLs that can be reached?
> I didn't find any mention if network access is allowed/forbidden in
> DEP-8 either.

As explained in bug 801895, positive or negative assertions about
networking are rather impractical to make in a generic way, so I
really want to keep these out of the spec.

That said, for normal package tests that run on Debian's or Ubuntu's
production CI testbeds you should be able to download things from the
internet. This might not be true for someone who runs the test locally
of course, and then I think it's legitimate for the test to fail. If
you want to make this nicer, you could make the test print a warning
on download error, and skip the parts of the test that need downloaded


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