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Bug#805892: autopkgtest fails on squeeze to due incompatibe python APIs

Hello Guido,

Guido G?nther [2015-11-23 18:03 +0100]:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
> ImportError: No module named GDebi.Cache
> blame: arg:nss_3.12.8-1+squeeze12.dsc dsc:nss
> Squeeze's gdebi doesn't have a cache module, it is in apt.cache but when
> using that there's more trouble due to the API of DebPackage that
> adt-run expects being different from what's in gdebi-common in squeeze.
> I then tried the autopkgtest from wheezy which works nicely on squeeze.
> So should we update autopkgtest in squeeze lts? Is there a simple fix
> for the above issue I've overlooked?

I'm afraid this was waaaay before my time, and I don't have a simple
fix for this. Newer versions indeed have fewer dependencies, so a
backport of the wheezy version might indeed help. But TBH, even wheezy
is so old that I can't/want to support this any more. If it works for
you, then please do feel free to request a backport of course!

For doing development, is there any reason why you need to use such
old versions? I. e. perhaps it might be better to run autopkgtest from
unstable/testing, with using a squeeze schroot instead of the null

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