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mass autopkgtest Perl run [2014-09-20]

Hello again,

Niko Tyni [2014-09-18 23:56 +0300]:
> Once #762013 (autopkgtest: detect test.pl in perl packages) is fixed, I
> think one more full rebuild with that and pkg-perl-autopkgtest 0.16 would
> be good as running test.pl will probably pick up a few new failures too.

I ran the whole batch again yesterday. As usual the logs are on


As expected there's quite a bunch of packages with test.pl only. Of
those, 89 succeed:


the others fail.

With the new pkg-perl-autopkgtest 0.16 there are 37 new successes, but
also 32 regressions, i. e. these passed earlier and now fail:


I think these new failures deserve a closer look. Some of them might
be intentional (like, we missed a real failure before), some might
also be a regression in pkg-perl-autopkgtest, and some an incomplete
fix in the latter. E. g. the first failure:


In the September 11 run it still looked like

  t/00-compile.t ............ skipped: no tests to run

and now it's apparently missing some dependency. I haven't checked in
detail, but it might be fallout from the "needs-recommends" change?

> Unless I've broken something, I think the passing packages from that
> could go live on the ci.debian.net whitelist and we'll start fixing the
> remaining ones and adding the explicit Testsuite headers.

Yes, I agree. So far I kept perl.txt up to date with new
pkg-perl-autopkgtest versions, so at no point there should be any new
failures. (I'm sure there will be a handful due to flaky tests, timing
issues, etc.)

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