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Results for mass autopkgtest run for all perl packages [2014-09-17]

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 09:21:36AM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:

> Sure! I started this. I expect this to finish in about 12 hours, so
> I'll report the results either tonight (if I get to it), or tomorrow
> morning.

Great, thanks once again!

> > BTW, lintian currently complains about an invalid Testsuite value with
> > autopkgtest-pkg-perl. I guess autopkgtest-* should be whitelisted for
> > future expansion, or do you want to add just -pkg-perl and -pkg-ruby at
> > this point?
> I don't have a strong opinion. I'm slightly leaning towards well-known
> values to guard against typos, but I'll let the lintian maintainers
> weigh in, too. Would you mind filing this as a bug and CC: the
> autopkgtest list?

Sure, will do.

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