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ci.debian.org and pkg-perl packages

Hello again,

Martin Pitt [2014-09-09  8:04 +0200]:
> Ah, good. I did that. I created https://titanpad.com/jQv06Sq0up to
> coordinate this, I also added the command for the testing loop that I
> use.

I ran over 1.400 package tests on my laptop today (titanpad is up to
date), and so far the results look rather promising. There are 168
failures (https://people.debian.org/~mpitt/tmp/perl-failures/) and 94
packages which don't have tests (at the end of the pad), i. e. which
should be removed from the whitelist. That means that the other ~ 1150
packages succeeded.

If nobody else gets to it, I can run the second half of the batch
tomorrow, and then produce the final source package lists for
"passed", "failed", and "no tests", so that we can use the "passed"
one as whitelist in ci.d.n.

I haven't looked through the logs at all. It's very likely that
there's some groups of related failures which can be fixed centrally
in pkg-perl-tools, and then surely the long tail of individual

I suggest we start using the whitelist with the "passed" ones to avoid
showing hundreds of new failures.

Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com)  | Debian Developer  (www.debian.org)
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