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[PATCH 1/3] autodetect Ruby packages

Hey Antonio,

Antonio Terceiro [2014-09-08 10:35 -0300]:
> I have thought about this and this redirection has its purpose: adt-run
> separates stderr output from stdout what makes it rather difficult to
> spot problems when needed, so the 2>&1 makes stderr and stdout to mix
> "correctly" as one would see in a terminal when running the tests
> manually. So for the Ruby tests, I would like to have stderr and stdout
> properly interleaved.

Ah, fair enough, I put that back.

> Perhaps we should fix that in adt-run instead?

The live output and log are not separared, they still interleave
stdout/err (for that very reason). If there is any stderr and
"allow-stderr" is not given, then stderr is repeated again so that you
can tell which part of the output was stderr.

stdout/err are only separated in the per-test output files. I'm a bit
wary changing that now as it has always behaved that way.

> > Note that this happens with your original patch too, so I don't think
> > I broke this with my modifications. Does this perhaps need some
> > additional $RUBY_PATH or similar? Or does this depend on fixes in
> > gem2deb-test-runner which aren't in sid yet?
> Yes. This has already been addressed in gem2deb-test-runner:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-ruby-extras/gem2deb.git/commit/?id=e5b817eb9f103edac1df4117833249a4aefbc777
> That will be uploaded before we deploy these changes.

Ah, great. Tomorrow 3.4.1 will go into testing and I'd like to upload
3.5. Would it be possible to upload gem2deb by tomorrow as well, so
that we have everything in unstable?


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