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Behaviour of autopkgtest on empty Depends field in test control file


Currently when an empty Depends field (ie. "Depends: ") is present in a 
test control file, autopkgtest fails with the following error:

blame: arg:binutils_2.23.2-2ubuntu1.dsc dsc:binutils
badpkg: Test Depends field contains an invalid dependency `'
adt-run: erroneous package: Test Depends field contains an invalid 
dependency `'

Strictly speaking an empty depends field would mean: "Do not install any 
packages generated by this source package"

Do you think an empty Depends field should follow this definition or 
consider it as invalid and fail with an explicit message?

In both cases I'll be happy to provide a patch for adt-run and the 


PS: Please CC me on your reply, I am not subscribed to the ML.

IRC: jibel

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