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Re: problem compile xcin from potato

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 10:31:03PM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
> 你好,東東︰
> 我剛剛編譯 apt-get source xcin 得到的源碼時,
> 用 fakeroot, ./debian/rules binary 出錯,原因
> 似乎是 configure 沒能找到 x_include 的目錄,
> 在 rules 裡加了 configure --x-include=/usr/X11R6/include
> 之後,可以編出 .deb 來了.
> 但似乎應該由 configure 來找,不知是什麼原因?
> 請教您啦! ;-)

  我也不清楚。我忘記了我編譯 xcin- 時有沒有出錯。 ^_^
不過最近在 tw.bbs.comp.linux 和 tlug.xcin (?) 等新聞組、郵件列表上
見到其他朋友也遇上相同的問題,而 thhsieh 謝東翰(居士)兄也以
極快的速度修正了,隻是我近來忙別的,未有時間更正 xcin 的 Debian 包。

> 趙蔚
> ?? weird i cannot paste from crxvt into netscape???
> only have to reopen my letter from gnome-terminal then
> paste into netscape?? *crazy*

Yes, this is a known problem, and unfortunately, I don't know the
solution.  I just hope that glibc2.2 will have better support
in this area.


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